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Oral Health Boost for Bordertown

Check out this weeks article in the Border Chronicle about our move to Keith:

The team behind Country Living Dentistry in Keith is coming to Bordertown permanently after news broke earlier this year of the retirement of long-serving Bordertown dentist Dr Ean Nicholls.

After Dr Nicholls’ sudden retirement, Bordertown residents were left without a dentist in the town. That’s when Dr Vyla Ellis stepped in and decided to purchase the Bordertown clinic.

“My initial thoughts were that we didn’t have enough facilities to service both Keith and Bordertown residents if no one was to take over the Bordertown clinic,” Dr Ellis explained when asked about why she purchased the clinic.

“Bordertown is a reasonable sized town and it needs its own dentist so my concern was that if nobody took over the clinic there would have been a very under served population,” she added.

The success of Country Living Dentistry comes off the back of the new state of the art facilities they have had at the Keith clinic for the past 18 months.“The Keith community have been great, we’ve had fantastic support and we’ve had a number of new patients since moving into the new clinic who are supporting our small business,” Dr Ellis said.

When deciding on whether or not to purchase the Bordertown clinic, Dr Ellis had to think about the number of patients that the Keith clinic could have held.“We could have worked it so that if Bordertown patients wanted to come to the Keith clinic they could,​ however in saying that we would have been extremely busy and I don’t think the facilities would have been enough in Keith.”

Now that the Bordertown clinic has been purchased, the team at Country Living Dentistry is excited to get down to business.“We are planning a full renovation of the clinic, we are looking at making it full digital and computerised,” said Dr Ellis.

Although they are looking at renovations over the next 12 months, Dr Ellis is confident that the clinic will be able to function during this time and she expects the clinic to be open within the next month.

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