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Custom Sports Mouthguards


Every year thousands of Australian adults and children suffer dental injuries which could have been prevented by wearing a custom mouthguard.

Who Needs a Mouthguard?

Anyone who plays a sport where collision or contact to the face is a risk should wear a mouthguard both on game day and during training e.g. football, hockey and basketball. A sporting injury to the teeth can result in fractured or lost teeth leading to a lifetime of dental treatment. 

The Advantages of a Custom Mouthguard

They are very comfortable and allow you to breath and speak easily. An off the shelf boil and bite style mouthguard is usually ill-fitted and provides insufficient protection. 

What to Expect

We take a simple 3D scan of the teeth which is fast and comfortable. From this we print a 3D model and design a uniquely fitted mouthguard in a colour of your choice. A custom-fitted mouthguard will last many years and can even be made to go over braces. 

Making a mouthguard

We use heat and pressure to create out mouthguards. All come labelled with your name and mobile number and include a labelled case for safe storage. 


We can special order any colour combination. These are the colours we keep in stock:

custom mouthguard colours
Custom mouthguard colours
Custom mouthguard colours
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