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Children's play area at Country Living Dentistry

Children's Dental Care

Healthy smiles start early. Teaching your child the importance of good dental care will positively impact their oral health throughout life. We encourage children to visit us from the age of 2 and throughout their school years. This way we can work together to promote and sustain good oral health. Regular visits allow problems to be identified and remedied early as well as providing an emphasis on prevention. 



Your Child's First Visit


We aim to make your child's first visit fun. Some children aren't comfortable sitting in the dental chair initially and that's ok. Instead, they can sit on your lap and we can count their teeth together. At our practice good behaviour is always rewarded with a sticker. They will be counting down the days to their next visit! 



Child's Dental Benefits Scheme

We are pleased to offer bulk billing to all children eligible for the Child's Dental Benefits Schedule. This government funded scheme allows eligible children to access up to $1000 worth of dental care over a period of 2 years. 


FREE for Kids from Keith and Tintinara

Through our partnership with SA Dental we are able to provide free dental care for all children residing in postcodes 5267 and 5266 at our Keith clinic. There are two categories for free dental care: 

  • CDBS eligible children will receive up to $1026 worth of dental care which is renewed every 2 years, PLUS if they exceed this limit they will have access to an additional $300 worth of dental care each year, PLUS they are eligible for 1 free custom sports mouthguard per year which is additional to both limits. 

  • Those ineligible for CDBS will automatically become eligible for Remote CDBS which provides $300 worth of free dental care each year at our Keith clinic. 

Student Discount

We provide a student discount to children and full-time school students until they leave high school. 

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