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Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth. Dentures mimic the appearance of natural teeth and can aid with eating and speaking for those people with multiple missing teeth. 



Full and Partial Dentures


These may replace all or a number of missing teeth. A typical set of dentures takes 4-5 appointments to be made. During the process we provide a mock-up for you to try in which allows us to make any changes to the appearance of the dentures that may be desired. 



Immediate Dentures


If you are planning on having all or some of your teeth removed you may have an immediate denture made. This is made prior to the extraction of the remaining teeth so that you are not without teeth at any time. 



Thermoplastic Plates


These are an option where there are just a couple of missing teeth. They can be fabricated over just 2 appointments and only sit on the area of the missing teeth. 


Poorly Fitting Dentures? 

Where teeth have been extracted our gums continually shrink which may result in loosening of the dentures. If your dentures are no longer fitting properly they may need to be relined or it may be time for a new set. Dr Ellis can assess your existing dentures to help you decide upon the best course of action. 

Replacement of old dentures with new dentures

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