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  • Dr Vyla Ellis

Chewing gum: The good, the bad & the disgusting.

You’ve seen the ads telling you to chew sugar free gum after meals but is gum really good for you?

The Good

  • It’s good for your brain. Studies have shown that chewing gum boosts thinking and alertness and improves reaction times. It is thought that this is due to increased blood flow to the brain.

  • Its good for your teeth. Chewing stimulates saliva flow which neutralises the acids in your mouth and washes away food particles to help keep your teeth clean.

The Bad

  • Beware, chewing gum can exacerbate pre-existing jaw problems. If you have a history of pain in your jaw joints (TMJ) then it is best to avoid chewing gum.

The Disgusting.

  • This is Seattle’s famous gum wall… enough said.

Gum has great benefits for your dental health as long as you don’t have a pre-existing jaw condition. Make sure its sugar free and make sure to dispose of your gum responsibly. Keith doesn’t need its own “gum wall”.

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