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  • Chris McMurray

10 Most Damaging Foods for Your Teeth

1. Soft drinks

Yes, even if they’re sugar free.

Its no secret that soft drinks are bad for our general health and our oral health is no exception. Soft drinks cause cavities. Do we need to say it again? Soft drinks cause cavities. To add to that soft drinks are extremely acidic – even diet and sugar free soft drinks – these acids are strong enough to strip the enamel from the teeth.

Tip: if you make 1 change to improve your oral health it should be to replace soft drinks with water.

2. Ice

Crunching it feels good until you break a tooth.

Understandably ice is often thought of as being good for teeth. Water is great so ice must be good, right? Wrong. Chewing on hard items can weaken the teeth, damage enamel and increase the likelihood of a dental emergency.

Tip: break the habit, not the ice, and enjoy water in liquid form.

3. Dried fruit

It’s sticky and that’s its downfall.

It seems like a healthy snack but fruit contains sugar and dried fruit sticks to the teeth. Sticky foods stay on the teeth longer and therefore increase the risk of decay.

Tip: switch to fresh fruit.

4. Hard lollies, sticky lollies and sour lollies

Lollies are oral bacteria’s favourite snack.

Does that sound gross? It is. Decay causing bacteria LOVE sticky and hard lollies. Its sugar – their favourite treat. If its sticky its stuck in your teeth for ages. If its sour its acidic and eroding away the teeth at the same time. If its hard –I dare you not to break a tooth.

Tip: Switch to chocolate as a treat.

5. Citrus

Lemons, limes and oranges erode away teeth.

Frequent consumption of citrus, be it eating the fruit, drinking the juice or adding a splash to a glass of water, can erode away enamel. This weakens and wears down the teeth and can also cause sensitivity.

Tip: limit the frequency of citrus consumption and enjoy your water plain.

6. Vinegar

Its acidic and eats at the teeth.

When used a s a salad dressing vinegar is unlikely to cause an issue. Frequently exposing the teeth to a drink of vinegar like apple cider vinegar can be dangerous for the teeth. Being acidic it causes tooth erosion.

Tip: wash down with water immediately after consumption.

7. Sports drinks

They MIGHT improve your performance but they DEFINITELY destroy your smile.

Sports drinks sound healthy but the truth is that they are terrible for the teeth and usually unnecessary for amateur sports people.

Tip: If you are drinking sports drinks follow Lleyton Hewitt's lead and after each mouthful of sports drinks have a mouthful of water.

8. White bread

Refined carbs aren’t just bad for your waistline.

When you eat bread the carbs become sugar. To add to this white bread becomes gummy and sticks between the teeth.

Tip: switch to wholegrain bread.

9. Cough lollies

Operative word: lollies

Don’t be fooled into thinking these are good for you. They are designed for use over a few days to relieve a sore throat, they are not for constant consumption.

Tip: Step away from the Fisherman’s Friend.

10. Iced coffee

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.

Tip: Make it a treat, not a daily ritual.

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