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  • Dr Vyla Ellis

Rory Sloane wears a mouthguard. Do you?

A custom made mouthguard is the best way to prevent such injuries. Everyone playing contact sports should wear a mouthguard every game day.

Rory's Tips on Colour Selection:

WHITE (considered ideal for best and fairest votes)

“I wear a white one and that wasn’t my intention. White just looks like teeth. If I wore a black one it’d look like I’ve got no teeth.”

BLACK (considered ideal for intimidating)

“Maybe it’s too look a bit tougher. I wear black boots and that’s my theory on that; I’ve always worn black boots.”

CLUB COLOURS (passionate)

“Ultimate club men. Passion.”


“A few guys wear the indigenous ones. That’s pride in their heritage and where they’ve grown up.”


“A couple of people have the gap tooth. I’m bringing out a range that’s meant to be fun and to take the mickey out of myself, like the Batman one. Another one I want to do is a smiley one, which could look a bit funny.”

Our Tips on Colour Selection

:Vyla: FLUORO PINK a surprising favourite for girls and boys alike

Chris, Tania and Jess: the ultimate club supporters suggest NAVY, RED and YELLOW - carn the crows!

Dan: the classic and classy WHITE for a sparkling smile

Janice: it has to be Moots YELLOW and BLACK

Call us today and make your selection!:

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