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Free Kids Dental Care to Continue in 2017


The federal government will continue the popular Child Dental Benefits Scheme in 2017. This scheme has provided eligible children aged 2-17 with $1000 worth of free dental treatment with an additional $1000 being accessible every 2 years. The number one reason for hospital admissions of Australian children is the treatment of dental decay. This scheme has been excellent at providing prevention as well as basic dental care to many children in our community and our clinic has seen a great improvement in the oral health of many of our patients under this scheme.

To check your child's eligibility, call the clinic and Tania or Janice will be able to assist you.

If your child is eligible and hasn't been seen for more than 6 months or has outstanding treatment please call us to schedule a convenient time.

Chris's Top Tips for Kids' Teeth

1. Brush morning and night with a fluoride toothpaste - spit out, don't rinse.

2. Parents, help with brushing until your child can tie their own shoelaces.

3. Lollipops are cavities on sticks.

4. Limit hidden sugars e.g. dried fruit, muesli bars, fruit juice.

5. Energy & sports drinks are high in sugar and acid which are bad for teeth.

6. Frequent snacking puts the teeth at risk.

7. If you have access to mains/tap water, put this in your water bottle.

8. Wear a mouth guard for all contact sports.

9. Have your teeth checked every 6 months. Children's teeth can change quickly.

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