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It's Dental Health Week

This week the Border Chronicle interviewed Dr Ellis about Dental Health week. Here is the article:

August 1-7 is National Dental Health Week and Dr Vyla Ellis from Country Living Dentistry in Keith has provided the region with some tips to follow and the importance of dental health.

The aim of Dental Health Week is to educate Australians about the importance of maintaining good oral health. This year in particular the focus is on women to make oral health a priority throughout their lives and especially during periods of hormonal change such as pregnancy and menopause.

Dr. Ellis said “The public’s awareness of the importance of dental health is improving with better promotion and education through the media. Most people remain unaware of the detrimental effects that poor dental health can have on their general well-being. Good dental health helps control diabetes and reduces the risk of heart disease.

“Those people suffering from chronic illness or taking multiple medications are at a greater risk of dental disease. Women are at an increased risk of dental disease during pregnancy and menopause.”

There are a lot of people who avoid the dentist and Dr. Ellis is aware of this and has a theory as to why.

“For many people there is a deep-seated fear of visiting the dentist and some believe that their dental problems can’t be fixed. We do everything we can to make our patients as comfortable as possible. Dentistry has improved a lot over the years and our ability to fix smiles and relieve pain is better than ever.

“Our advice is to have a check-up to find out your options and make an informed decision about your dental condition. Dental decay and gum disease are often silent conditions until they become severe. Most people are unaware that they have dental disease or infection in their mouths.”

New patients are always welcome at Country Living Dentistry as the clinic sets aside times specifically for new patients and emergencies. Patients with a private dental health fund will receive a rebate and children who are eligible for the government funded Child Dental Benefits

Scheme are bulk-billed.

Top tips from Dr Ellis include brushing gently for 2 minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, regular flossing and avoiding sugar and acidic food and drink.

There are plenty of reasons for which we avoid seeing the dentist. Why not make dental health week your reason to visit.

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